Welcome to The Open Coder blog, I am your host and fellow coder Chris McDonald. Many a time, when I’ve been struggling for what seems like an eternity, trying to solve a technical problem, I’ve found the answer I’m looking for on some technical blog. When I read some of the many comments that usually accompany the blog post with said solution, I’m somewhat comforted that I’m not alone in my struggles, but at the same time, annoyed why so many people have had the same problem. Why had the issue not been fixed already? Why did it take so long for me to find a solution, which I might not have found at all if the blog poster had decided not to share with the world (thank you blog geeks!). It was these thoughts that provoked me to start my own technical-focused blog. I hope to post some things which in time might be useful to some people. Give something back as they say, or just pollute the net with whinging and shameless name dropping and advertising!

Seriously though, as the title suggests, Open Coder, I am a fan of being open wherever possible. Being closed in general does not help anyone in the long run, the same applies with code. With respect to this I may blog occasionally on useful open source projects I have used and why open source in general is great. I will try and point out some useful libraries and pitfalls that I have come across in my time coding on different projects, hopefully you coders out there will find something useful here. If people like, they can write posts of their own on here, to help other people with problems they have faced or recommended libraries, techniques or anything.

So I suppose I should say something about myself, hi I’m Chris McDonald. Let me start by saying, I am no code master! In fact I am relatively new in the grand scheme of programming things. I graduated in July 2007 with a masters degree in Computer Science. Since then I have been working as a software developer for a startup architecture and creative computing company, Slider Studio. Most of my time at work and at uni has been working with Java, I would definitely say that Java is in my comfort zone, but more recently I’ve been working with Actionscript 3/Flex, PHP, javascript and had very brief encounters with Ruby. I’m also interested in server systems, in particular FreeBSD and the hugely useful ports collection distributed with it. You can do some pretty interesting things with a FreeBSD server and the right ports installed. I occasionally, post in the java3d forum, helping out with questions, as chrismcband, and you can follow me in Twitter, @chrismcdonald84.

Well I suppose that is enough information for an about page. I hope you like the site, please comment on any of the posts and come back soon.

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